Riches, fame or change?

"There are three reasons why folks go into business," my friend proclaimed. I leaned in to fully receive what he would say next.
"To become rich. To become famous. Or to change the world."

I was at a crossroads in my life.
Branding clients were streaming in. My artistic endeavors, developing a life of their own. I was taking on small projects that allowed me to share my art with my local community. My life minutes were being spent on design or art and nothing more. I was losing sleep. Losing my mind.

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Shine bright.

Gemstones begin as raw materials: shapeless and covered in dirt. 
Through craftsmanship, work and dedication, a person can work that formless rock until more defined facets begin to form. Each angle creates a gorgeous, multidimensional structure that reflects light in a way that mesmerizes us. By the time the rock has transformed to a gemstone, we value it so highly, we pay exorbitant amounts to claim one for ourselves.

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