Closing the gap.

There's where you are.

And there's where you want to be.

In between, there's a gap that may feel light years in length or a few short steps away, depending on what's happening in your life.

With creative endeavors - drawing, painting, music, poetry, writing - what you envision in your mind, and what you actually create can at times feel like they will never come together.

When I began studying design, I felt like I'd never master even the most basic principles. Everything was hard. My technical skills would never bridge over to reach what my mind's eye could see. Today, the gap feels smaller as I continue to learn, practice, and apply my design knowledge. 

Maybe mastering design is not your specific creative pain point. Maybe it's just establishing a small connection with your inner artist. Picking up a paint brush. Plucking at the guitar that's been gathering dust. Attending an open mic night to share your poetry. Follow your curiosity and make choices to close the gap.

How big is the gap feeling for you today?

What types of choices are you making to close that gap?



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