Come as you are.

Hey there... 

I'm sitting by the pool at a posh hotel on Miami Beach enjoying a new friendship that feels old and familiar. The ocean is only a few steps away. We are being wrapped up so sweetly by the morning breeze, slowly awakening.
This weekend, about 50 women convened for the Being Boss Miami Vacation. Emily and Kathleen from Being Boss taught us all about growing a following and creating digital products. We danced the night away on a private yacht (crazy group selfie found here). I got to share my Little Havana neighborhood with a group of vibrant women. We laughed, cried, learned and supported one another.
Here's the thing.
With conferences like this one, folks will at times feel pressured to only show up as one part of themselves. The business part. The professional part. The part that has their action plan together. The one that isn't messy and organic and figuring things out.
This conference was different.
Emily and Kathleen's message is to live life on their own terms that are true to who they are. The result was an environment that embraced everyone exactly where they are on their path.
Each woman I spoke with had her own wisdom and knowledge to share.
Her own difficulties she was willing to be transparent about.
Her own dreams she was calling into existence.
Showing up as she truly is - a multidimensional human being. A complex person. Layered and beautiful.
When you come as you are, meaningful exchanges are created effortlessly.



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