Do it with Love.

Hey there... 

I'm sitting in my living room right now watching my cat rest, listening to the neighbor blowing leaves in their yard, enjoying the sunlight dancing through the window. 

I'm unwinding after one of those weeks where I was just going through it. I felt as though nothing I was doing was right.

Total Worthlessness.

My remedy for these moments? 

Remembering one of my favorite practices: Leaving an experience, a person, a thought better than how I found it. 

I repeat to myself: “I am valuable. I am worthy. Right this minute. Why? Because I have the ability to make someone’s day - or life - better. Right now. Not by doing any ‘flashy’. Simply by choosing to speak and behave and relate… with love."

This affirmation quickly turns into a little game that's so fun to play. 

Can I make the cashier smile? How can I insert a little more love into this text to a friend? How can I inspire someone today?

The opportunities are endless.

There is always a way to add more love, more color, more value into the world.

When I do this, that's when that feeling of worthlessness evaporates.



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