The media kit.

Hey there... today Im focusing on practical matters: promoting your business.

If you offer services or advertising in your business model, then you would probably benefit from a media kit. 

What is a media kit? 

A media kit is a promotional tool that can serve several functions. It can promote the launch of a new company, promote the launch of a new product/service by an existing company, and promote a new way for a company to present itself as it would like to be seen. It's a hell of a branding and informational tool.

Most importantly, a media kit acts as your initial gatekeeper. 

There are three major ways a media kit acts a part of your team: 

  • It saves you time and energy by eliminating the need for you to repeatedly answer the same questions. When inquiries begin to add up, this document answers so many of the basics.
  • Media kits also allow for your potential clients to take a peek at how you think and do things in your business and decide for themselves if you two would be a good fit. 
  • Finally, media kits acts as salespeople for your business. Say someone comes to me asking specifically about logo design, well my media kit can quickly show them that I'm capable of much more design support for their brand.

Most media kits for service-based businesses include some format of the following (you can totally mix and match the contents based on your model and needs):

  1.  Branded Front Cover
  2.  Introduction / About / Mission Statement
  3.  Services
  4.  Process / How To Book Your Services
  5.  Notable Clients / Notable Accomplishments
  6.  Testimonials
  7.  Packages / Rates
  8.  Stats (this may or may not pertain to your business model)
  9.  Frequently Asked Questions
  10.  Contact
  11. Thank you

I've been meaning to create one for my design services and finally put in the time to make one yesterday. It's informative and it looks just how I like! It will definitely shift and evolve as the year goes on, but it's a solid starting point.

After all, some progress is better than perfection.

Want to take a peek at mine so you can see how media kits can work for your business?
Download the Nadia Payan 2016-17 Media Kit (1.3 MB PDF file)

Now tell me... what possibilities could your media kit open up for your business? 



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