Holding the Vision.

Olympians use imagery to develop their mental toughness.

They take their sport and go through the motions of a winning run, jump, move in their minds. Imagery and visualization become incredible and powerful tools for their success.

Visualization is a creative act.

And whether you're an Olympic athlete, a new-to-business entrepreneur or a side hustler looking to make the leap from your full-time gig to your own thing, you can use visualization to propel yourself forward. 

But what if you're just starting out at something — a new project, a new business, a new way of doing things?

You've got no idea what to visualize or expect.

You just jumped off the ledge into... who knows?

How do you visualize the unknown?

This is where community comes into play. 

When you're in a community of people whose interest is to explore and succeed in a way that aligns with yours, you enter a space where you can bounce ideas, ask questions and learn from yourself and others.

Combined, community and creativity act as fuel in our businesses and our lives. {click to tweet}

This is why my friend Gaby and I are launching a free monthly series in Miami, FL called Brand New Mornings.

Our desire is to nurture connection and creativity in Miami's creative, curious and business-owning community.

The first one is happening at our place in Little Havana on Thursday, April 14th. You can register for it here.

See you there?



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