5 ways to rekindle your creativity.

A student asked me, "How do I get rid of this writer's block?"

I teach a class at the Miami Ad School all about pursuing passion projects as a creative. He had been diligently working on a TV sitcom idea (a really funny one) and got stuck.

He had been told that he needed to "get his mind off it" but really, is that the best we can tell someone who's frustrated and attempting to make something great?

No, it’s not.

There are lots of specific ways that you can invoke the creative muse so that your brain starts churning ideas a little differently.

Here are five of mine:

1. Take a short(ish) nap.
Sometimes being stuck means being tired.

I have an alarm on my phone called "cat naps". It doesn't repeat. It's not at a set time. It's just always there ready for one-time use with my favorite wake up song as the alarm sound.

Set it for 30-45 minutes. Sometimes I fall asleep, sometimes I don't. 

I feel refreshed from lying down and getting my mind off things every time. (Also, SCIENCE)

2. Watch TV (not tooooo much)
I love TV and don't think it's "bad".

I love shows with captivating characters and interesting art direction with gripping plots and solid writing. A little TV can energize me. A lot of TV makes me drowsy and sluggish.

3. Take a shower
When you're under that warm water with every droplet lightly massaging your skin, you end up blissed out. Your brain produces dopamine, which is a happiness-inducing neurotransmitter that helps you boost your creative flow. Also, you'll smell so fresh and so clean clean.

4. Go for a walk.
We spend our time moving from one air conditioned place to another. Sometimes all you need is to step outside and start walking to move through the beginning stages of creative thinking. (And more SCIENCE)

Sometimes just going outside will do the trick. No need to walk far.

5. Travel
New experiences means new pathways for the brain to explore. It literally operates differently.

This is why when you land somewhere unfamiliar, you suddenly have the urge to take photos of everything. To write in your journal. To experience creative breakthroughs. Try a mini-trip somewhere a few hours away from your usual stomping grounds. Immerse yourself. You'd be surprised how much the terrain and culture may change.

Don't just "do something" to move past creative blocks. 

Take an actionable step (or five) and see what happens. 

I promise: you’ll feel more creative straightaway and you’ll experience a much sweeter day.



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