Push it forward.

Hey there... 

It's been another one of those whirlwind weeks for me. The kind that shakes you up until you can't see straight and leaves you with treasure at the end.

Coming off the high of last week's Being Boss conference, I shifted right into hosting a watercolor lettering class with the oh-so-talented Ana Victoria Calderón.  

She and I met through the Interwebs (what an amazing place, no?) and connected straightaway. She flew over from Mexico to teach a three-day workshop on watercolor lettering to folks in the South Florida area. 

I took the workshop and fell in love with watercolors. 

Working with paint and water means planning and thinking through your idea before getting started.

It also means leaving plenty of room for the water to do unexpected, surprising things with said plan.

Whenever I was at a loss with what to do next with the painted liquid on my paper, Ana would be there with one bit of consistent advice:

"Push it forward."

With watercolors you're always pushing the water forward to work with it - never back. 

It keeps the flow of your project moving, transforming, evolving.

What do you need to keep pushing forward so it can grow?



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