Better Together.

Hey there...

As you read these words, I'm standing in front of eight women representing different dreams, different businesses and different passions. 

Each one has taken a step towards their vision - whether that vision may be crystalline or not-quite-yet uncovered. They've shown up to a two-day workshop created by Gaby and myself — carving out a precious weekend away from friends and family, and devoting it to clarifying their place in the world. 

Alone, this weekend would have been much like any other time spent on their branding without support - filled with frustration and overwhelm.


Together, we are moving through a curriculum that Gaby and I have lovingly, thoughtfully and purposely created.

Together, we're applauding one another's natural skills and strengths as we share insights and moments of precise certainty in our businesses and organizations.

Together, we're holding space sweetly as another person asks questions, asks for input, asks for advice. 

I believe there that when any group comes together, it is because those souls agreed to meet at that place and time. To support one another and move through a process.

We can do it better, together.



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