Your life is a performance. Show Up.

I'm a classically trained violinist.

As a kiddo, I'd compete in concerto competitions, play at weddings, and practice for hours on end. 

My innards would tremble every time I walked onstage in front of an intimate group of judges for an audition. And I would remember...

It's not an audition. It's a performance. 

With auditions — and business pitches and presentations — the tendency is to hold back. Refrain. Overthink. Be “perfect.” That’s a debilitating strategy.

Take the stage as if this is it.

The end of the line. The big bang. Nothing after this.  

Switch your mindset from desperation to great joy. 

In your business, this may sound like flipping from, “Ah, I really need this client/customer/gig, or I may have to shut down my entire operation next week” to, “Yes! A chance to do what I love and make money doing it? Bring it.”

It could mean taking steps to get clear on your business's values, messaging and visuals so you can blow potential dreamboat clients away with sheer love.

When you know what your business/project/art represents, you can walk onto any stage with trembles and all, play full out and use that energy to land that gig.

I hope that this piece of writing sparks you to approach your business with no holds barred. Even if your innards are trembling. Even if your palms are sweating. Even if you don't know if you can do it. Even if. 

And specifically, I hope to move that nervous energy into total ecstasy to tell the next person you see about what you can do to help them with your services/products.

And, if it’s the right choice for you… I also hope that this piece of writing inspires you to enroll in Branding Goldmine, the Workshop with me. 

After all, this is not the prelude. This is opening night.

Show up.



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