Before Words, We had Visuals.

We've been communicating since the beginnings of mankind. The evidence is strewn all across human history as rock art, jewelry and cave paintings. 

Visuals have been doing the talking for us for at least 39,900 years. Drawings, paintings and pictographs told stories for us before we were able to write them out. 

Visuals by our ancestors, the primitive people, were aspirational — rarely depicting animals we hunted to survive, but rather larger animals whose powers we respectfully admired and worshipped. 

Not much as changed over thousands of years.

According to Wikipedia: Visual communication is communication through a visual aid and is described as the conveyance of ideas and information in forms that can be read or looked upon.

As a brand stylist and designer, visual communication is the number one focus I have for my clients — conveying their vision, business and message the instant anyone interacts with their business. 

This allows dream clients to resonate with your business and creates total dissonance and repels nightmare clients (you know, the ones you that just can't get behind your method of doing things and hired you anyway).

It also adds beauty and meaning to our world, a combination of utility and art that speaks to many at a guttural level. We can't help but feel moved, it's an ingrained part of our human history.

Next time you're trying to sell your highest level package to a potential client or tell a story to a friend, consider what aspirational visual might be used to convey your idea. It will have you thinking about your point differently, revealing a new kind of clarity in your message.

Being understood is a marvelous thing.



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