I Grow Silent. Dear Soul, You Speak.

"I grow silent. Dear Soul, you speak." 
- Rumi

Hey there...

It's been an exceptionally rough few weeks here in the USA. And a rough time in general in the world. 

With all the violence we've been witnessing on our planet lately it can be tough to remember the good. Black Lives Matter, shootings in Orlando, all of Syria, Baghdad, Bangladesh and so much more. 

I believe in my heart of hearts that we are one. One people, one planet... One.

This means choosing to move through life knowing that I am Trayvon, I am Trump, I am the child who is learning what race is with all the shootings that we're bearing witness in America.

I made this for you, for me, for us.

It's a downloadable wallpaper with a painting I created last week. It's meant to serve as a reminder as we move through our every day lives. A reminder of the opportunities to treat others as we would like to be treated. 

Download the wallpaper:
2880 x 1800    |     1920 x 1200
iPhone6 Plus    |      iPhone6

Silence is a form of complacency. And complacency is contagious, but so is action. 

Model the world you want to live in - this is crucial in times like these. Remember that our time together is temporary and that the future of our species is holding your hand and looking up to your face to see (and learn) how you respond, react, and move forward.



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