Listen Closely

Hey there...

This week, I lived like a hermit. Alone. Home. Just me and my black cat. 

I had bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eye) and didn't want to spread it so I stayed cooped up, despite my natural extroverted tendencies.

Spending endless hours with the Gilmore Girls volleying witty banter in the background and making time to sanitize everything I touched had me thinking... or, more accurately, listening. To myself. 

Listening closely.

When you first embark on anything big and new, it's tough to hear yourself think. So you go elsewhere.

You pay beaucoup bucks for a business coach. You talk to your college career center counselor. You pay your therapist. You discuss with your best friend. You get sage advice from your successful uncle. You sign up for that training.

The truth hurts: No one knows what is going to work for you, other than... you.

To hear yourself think/speak/feel/do, you first listen.

Clear out all the other voices that are asking you questions, giving their input, guiding you.

To let the soul speak. 

Your soul.

And when you do — go ahead: tell us what you hear.