Riches, fame or change?

"There are three reasons why folks go into business," my friend proclaimed. I leaned in to fully receive what he would say next.

"To become rich. To become famous. Or to change the world."

I was at a crossroads in my life.

Branding clients were streaming in. My artistic endeavors, developing a life of their own. I was taking on small projects that allowed me to share my art with my local community. My life minutes were being spent on design or art and nothing more. I was losing sleep. Losing my mind.

Something had to change. Evolve. Emerge.

I knew my art came from my spirit, so scaling my creations didn't make sense at the moment. Art is a journey that I had just started exploring and I was having so much fun with it. My relationship with my artwork felt... right.

My thoughts turned to my branding and design business. Immediately my gut clenched.

To become rich. To become famous. To change the world.

I'm purpose-driven. Creating impact is my drug. 

Supporting other creative businesses was wonderful, but I was hitting a ceiling going it alone. I needed help, a team. A way to collaborate and create brands for more purpose-driven businesses.

It became clear... My design business was itching to spread its wings. 

To change the world, I'd need to relinquish control. Stop being a one-woman show and start infusing other talent. This meant going back to my original design studio's name...

Good Axe Designs

Good Axe Designs is a boutique design studio that elevates creative small businesses. 

It bigger than me. Good Axe is a team. We innovate, collaborate and create with folks to inspire a wave of positive, socially conscious change. Together, we forge brands, websites, photography and videos. 

We design good, for the greater good.

It's the next step in design for me. It feels frightening and exhilarating all at the same time. It's what is making room for growth.

So I urge you to ask yourself...

What is your motivator?

The money? The fame? The potential to change the world? 

Let your answer guide you and take that next step today.