There's a human on the other side.

Moving through life can feel singular and lonely. Even with three billion other folks playing on the internet with us.

Not too long ago, I was mad. Out of that anger, came a painting and I shared on Instagram. That post started a conversation with a magazine editor who lives in London.

I was feeling nervous and not worthy of this attention until I remembered that although this was an entirely online experience, the editor on the other side of my screen is... human. She has likes and dislikes. Passions and interests. Human experiences.

We ended up exchanging messages and chatting about Morocco, travel, Miami and what it means to live in this new global village called Earth. 

She chose to post the painting on her platform and the next thing I knew, over 38,000 people had seen it. Over 500 had reacted to it. And quite a few commented on it. All humans reaching out and sharing their thoughts through a tiny screen.

Every influencer you follow on social media... Human on the other side.

Every email that that comes into your inbox... Human on the other side.

Every online purchase you make... Human on the other side.

Connect with them as the people they are, and magic happens. I'm accumulating many more stores like the one with Kelley from Majestic Disorder. I approach and respond with the care I would if they were standing right in front of me.

Who will you reach out to today?