720 minutes of devotion.

Hey there...

This weekend I ran Branding Goldmine, a workshop I co-teach with my friend, Gaby Guzman. 

Eight Incredibly creative people from different industries showed up and trusted us in branding guidance. 

For 720 life minutes, they did the work. 

They were tenacious. Resilient. Contemplative. Supportive. Receptive. They left Friday evening with their creative tanks on empty and still refueled to show up on Saturday morning and keep going. 

One woman said she was exhausted and invigorated at the same time. "My fiancé asked me what I had done all day to be so tired and yet feeling so inspired that I began working on my website!" she said. 

Another participant said he attended a networking event Friday evening and tested his "cocktail hour" brand statement on a big fish. The statement caught his potential client's attention and they spent the rest of the networking event hanging out talking life and business. 

They showed up and cultivated devotion. Devotion to their business, to their vision, to their dreams. 

What will you devote your life minutes to do today? 



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