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Riches, fame or change?

"There are three reasons why folks go into business," my friend proclaimed. I leaned in to fully receive what he would say next.
"To become rich. To become famous. Or to change the world."

I was at a crossroads in my life.
Branding clients were streaming in. My artistic endeavors, developing a life of their own. I was taking on small projects that allowed me to share my art with my local community. My life minutes were being spent on design or art and nothing more. I was losing sleep. Losing my mind.

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The media kit.

Hey there... today Im focusing on practical matters: promoting your business.
If you offer services or advertising in your business model, then you would probably benefit from a media kit. 
What is a media kit? 
A media kit is a promotional tool that can serve several functions. 

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Closing the gap.

There's where you are.

And there's where you want to be.

In between, there's a gap that may feel light years in length or a few short steps away, depending on what's happening in your life.
With creative endeavors - drawing, painting, music, poetry, writing - what you envision in your mind, and what you actually create can at times feel like they will never come together.

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The Creative Kin is you.

This week, I spent quite some time thinking about what it is I'm trying to accomplish with this community of ours.

Every Sunday, I send an email to you and other creative spirits. The intention is to share my thoughts, stories, and opinions with you, along with the occasional promotion for something interesting I'm creating.

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720 minutes of devotion.

This weekend I ran Branding Goldmine, a workshop I co-teach with my friend, Gaby Guzman. Eight Incredibly creative people from different industries showed up and trusted us in branding guidance. 

For 720 life minutes, they did the work. 

They were tenacious. Resilient. Contemplative. Supportive. Receptive. They left Friday evening with their creative tanks on empty and still refueled to show up on Saturday morning and keep going. 

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More than yesterday.

My Man and I were talking one day about fitness and what it means to get stronger. 

"The numeric goals are arbitrary," he said. "They don't actually mean anything. What matters most is that you do more today than you did yesterday."

I left the conversation thinking about how applicable doing "more than yesterday" is to growing a business. 

Oftentimes, us creatives freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs have big vision for our businesses. And that can feel totally unattainable. Crushing. Overwhelming. 

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Love rules.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love rules. All types of love: romantic love, sexy love, family love, spiritual love, vocational love.

Today I'm talking to you about vocational love. 

Even when you love your work, it can feel hard to keep going. 

You can loose steam... especially when it feels like nobody is watching, nobody is listening, and nobody wants to buy anything you're selling. 

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