Follow your curiosity.

A friend of mine is going through a transformation. 

Her inner artist is no longer content with being repressed and pushed aside for more practical things and I can totally relate. 

You see, I'm not one of those designers whose parents were hippie artists living la vie bohemian. Creativity, art and music always played an important roles in my life growing up but was never seen as an option to make a viable living. As I reached that pivotal moment in life where I had to declare my career ambitions to the world, I chose advertising. The university I attended had a program that focused on strategy and it wasn't until my last year in college that I realized that in order to do creative work in advertising, I needed to have studied fine arts. So I took my advertising strategy learnings to New York and began my career entrenched in Excel. 

Then I got curious about design. 

The more curious I got, the less my fingers felt like tapping away at the computer inputting click through rate results. In the evenings I'd go home and devour every design blog I could get my eyes on. I even began to write for a packaging design blog called The Dieline as a volunteer contributor. I taught myself some Photoshop and Illustrator and ultimately enrolled at a portfolio school to hone my design skills. 

That was over six years ago. 

Today, there's not a day that goes by that I don't draw, design or think about branding, creativity, art and life. 

All because I got curious. 

When things are quite clicking in life the way you wish they would, then you know it's time to start exploring.

Exploring doesn't mean finishing or selling or much of anything. It just means starting and seeing where something takes you. 

Getting curious means trying things out and seeing if it fits. If you find it does, then you're likely to get more curious and more exploratory. 

Today, my friend is feeling disjointed because she hasn't given her inner artist a moment to get curious. 

That nagging feeling she's dealing with will subside with just a pinch of open exploration. 

For the next hour, give yourself permission to make something just because it feels good to make it. No agenda. No desired outcome. Just fun. 

Where will your curiosity lead you?



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