More than yesterday.

My Man and I were talking one day about fitness and what it means to get stronger. 

"The numeric goals are arbitrary," he said. "They don't actually mean anything. What matters most is that you do more today than you did yesterday."

I left the conversation thinking about how applicable doing "more than yesterday" is to growing a business. 

Oftentimes, us creatives freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs have big vision for our businesses. And that can feel totally unattainable. Crushing. Overwhelming. 

Not only are we trying to get from point A to point J in one fell swoop, but we want to get there without breaking a sweat. Not one hair out of place. Perfect. 

When has that ever happened in the history of all humankind? 


Progress is incremental. 

And so we work on what we can work on right this second. We read that book. We sign up for that workshop. We test. Tweak. Patiently. Methodically.

We do more than yesterday, until we feel the rush through our bodies that whispers, "I have arrived".

What will you do today in your business to be more than yesterday?