“Nadia worked with me on all aspects of defining the branding for my agency, The Jupiter Circle. From the name, to the creative direction in the photography, to the logo – I feel strongly that she captured my values and my essence perfectly. 

It gave me the confidence to put myself out there with a brand that truly represents me and what I have to offer. 

Six months into my launch, I know that my branding has been essential in bringing in the right clients and unexpected opportunities for my business.”

— Gabriela Guzman, Founder & Social Media Strategist at The Jupiter Circle

"Nadia immediately captured my vision. She is a great listener and I felt heard and seen. She is extremely resourceful and creative - so when new challenges came up - she found a way around them. Nadia was a pleasure to work with - and always took my feedback with an open attitude. I truly felt like I had a partner who was as invested as I was in beautiful design. I trusted her hands down. She exceeded my expectations (and I have high expectations)! "  
— Stella Grizont, Founder at Woopaah and creator of the Work Happiness Method

"I was fortunate enough to meet Nadia Payan as part of my community building efforts in South Florida. I felt an instant connection with her, and I knew that when I needed to move forward with video to introduce my private practice, Nadia would be the first person I would call. In our work, as creative director, Nadia put together a top-tier team of professionals to realize my vision for the marketing piece, and she worked with me closely to assure that my artistry and abilities would “shine” clearly in our final product. 
Knowing that Nadia believed in me and my work so much and also knowing that Nadia herself possesses powerful intuitive abilities, I was able to trust her. When working with my logo, she was highly receptive to my feedback, making the changes I requested with ease and grace. She was honest with me every step of the way! 
I cannot recommend Nadia Payan highly enough. She brings vivacity, fun, intuition to her work and executes and completes projects with professional integrity — a powerful combination." 
— Katherine Coder, KatherineCoder.com

“I would definitely recommend Nadia and her services to anyone who is looking to elevate their brand not only from a visual perspective (which she is great at) but also from a philosophical stand point.

Nadia’s collaborative nature leading the creative process helped me figure out the words, feelings and emotions that I want to convey with my brand name.”

— Daniella Biffi, Founder & Chief Creative Publicist of Pollen Theory

“Your work ethic, creative style, business acumen, and ability to foster a real bond and relationship with your clients is amazing. It's so important when trying to bring a creative project to life that you can see the vision of your client. You are able to get inside our heads and clearly understand and articulate our vision. It's a true gift and I think that many other non-profits and companies that our organization partners with would benefit from your ability to bring an idea to life."

- Helen Quinn Marshall, Teach for America

“Talking and brainstorming ideas with you always gets my wheels turning. I end up thinking about things in a new way, having new ideas for other projects or my own life, and it's always fun and a pleasure to work with you!”

— Gina Casbarro, Key Leader lululemon