Sitting in Circle: Space for Awakening & Creating

Sitting in Circle is a concept that is at the root of all of my work now.

Circles don't begin.
They don't end.
They continuously move through a process of being, flowing into itself.

To me, that translates to making space to be and flow within ourselves.
It means making space to awaken new ideas within ourselves.
Creating safe spaces within our own beings.
And make space to create, take action, make a different decision.

That's why I named this program the Conscious Creative Circle: because I constantly sit in circle with clients, friends and strangers.

And it's opened up a way of living and being that I am still integrating every moment of every day.

So the Conscious Creative Circle's focus is branding, marketing and inner work and understanding.
It's the action alongside the emotional.
It's "both/and" instead of "either/or".

Let's explore about what keeps our peace and how to market ourselves with integrity.

Let's discuss the ways to tend to our hearts and how to grow our community on social media.

And then let's find the common ground for each individual person on the topics above and the actions that can be taken in their brand strategy, their creative life and their conscious businesses.

Nothing is off limits because everything is connected.

If you feel a spark of curiosity, I invite you to follow it...

  • You can read all about the program here and...

  • When you’re ready, take 15 minutes to fill out the application. Applying doesn't mean you enroll... it's just a good way to assess if you're a good fit. Once you're done, I'll receive and read your application and we can schedule a call to see if this could be a good fit

To awakening. To creating. To us.