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create to grow™

Two days to create your brand strategy with intention and soul.

Once a month, I gather an intimate group of purpose-driven, creative people to co-create a beautiful brand plan that is aligned with their unique calling.

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You are a creator, a disruptor, an innovator.
A dreamer. A doer.
A different kind of human.
One that can see a fresh future, that can envision our world a bit better than before.

Your vision is why you pursued mastery in your work.
It’s why you started your business.
Launched your organization.
Took that job to create change from within the corporate or non-profit world.

You feel the potential of what you’re creating from deep within, you just need an intentionally created plan. Beyond the “top tips”. A plan with emotional resonance and deep roots within your being.



Brand Resonance is a two-day group strategy experience meant to guide, teach and support the creation of your brand’s strategic plan.


Hey, I'm Nadia — an artist, designer and creative strategist — and I'll be your host for throughout all of our Brand Resonance experience. 

I teach and create brands in a way that feels like you and evolves and grows with you.

You can learn more about me here, but first let's dive into what these session are all about.




You will understand branding and marketing through the lens of abundance and connection.

This creates space for you to engage with your community in a way that speaks from your inner self to their inner selves. A layered experience with true connection at its core, the kind that makes people say, “I love what you’re saying and your vibe. I want to know about how to work with you.”

How to get into flow and connect with the soul of your business / calling.

Because oftentimes, as creators and innovators it’s easy to feel pressured. To compare. To believe the voices within that whisper, “Who are you to do/make/create this?” When we get in contact with what’s beyond those false beliefs, that’s when your true work comes to life.

Create a visual brand board that takes your truest self and amplifies it.

We will go over a simple method to identify what types of colors, photos, fonts and designs allow you to tell your story accurately, filled with joy and openness.

Understand who you serve at a deeeeeep level. And how to co-create with the people in your community.

Because when we connect at a soul level, there’s no hesitation to work together.

Strategic creative planning. Loose structures. Open freedom.

I have struggled so much with planning myself. I’ve always wanted to keep things flowing, never wanting too much structure. We will use principles from the Montessori philosophy to co-create a plan you can implement over the next six months for your business, all rooted in your priorities and intentions.


What’s been said about working with me…

"The strategy sessions with Nadia end up being a lot more than you expect. I was looking for a direction for my business and it turned into finding direction for myself as an individual. Once we nailed that down, structuring the business came naturally. She has this magic ability to make sense of all the mumble jumble I spilled out." 
— Candice Jackson, former brand strategy client


"Working with Nadia is great for a business owner that is ready to uplevel their image with graphic design that is in alignment with the authentic expression of themselves and their company."
— Wendy Watkins, former design client


My gift live in a space of truly seeing people, their unique abilities and skills and understanding how that can all come together in a way that speaks to their community of fans, followers and best of all, future customers / clients / jobs.


The Brand Resonance experience takes place in a small group setting over the course of two non-sequential days.

Day 1: Foundations


Foundations day is more structured. Always organic, but definitely I’ve got some specific exercises and topics for us to cover.
Here are the topics we’ll be flowing through on Day 1:

  • Meditation to open the channels between yourself and the soul of your business or calling (or both!)

  • Exploration of your values

  • Concrete ways to integrate your values into your branding as the pillars to your brand

  • Opening up to what your seasonal archetype is and how it influences the personality, look and feel and storytelling of your brand

Day 2: No Session. Integration


This process is a deep one. So I’ve spaced out our two days intensives with a day to digest, decompress and integrate what’s opened up for you. If you’re attending an in-person Brand Resonance, you can also use this day to explore Miami and tend to your needs.

Day 3: Action


Action day is loose, tactical, soulful and free. This is our chance to really dive into any questions and ideas that have bubbled up during your Integration Day 2.
Here are some of the topics we may flow through on Day 3:

  • Planning your social media strategy

  • Drafting your brand story

  • Creating campaigns and sales pages

  • Inviting powerful collaborations for your brand

  • We will wrap up the day with focused-on-you time on any remaining questions you may have and a closing ritual

How do I join?

The investment for a Brand Resonance experience is $1,800 USD. Limited to 5 people per event.

You can choose to pay in full, or reserve your spot with $400. Should you be reserving your spot, the remaining payments can be made in two installments of $700. The experience must be paid in full by the time of your Brand Resonance experience date.

Brand Resonance 2019 Dates:



Created for those of you who want a focused energetic container to work on your brand, but don’t necessarily feel compelled to travel.

We will meet in real time via video conferencing. This is not pre-recorded and is just as effective as the in-person experience.


April 7 & 9 2019 . 5 open spots

  • April 7th: 9:30am - 4:30pm Eastern

  • April 8th: a day to digest, decompress, tend to your needs and integrate

  • April 9th: 9:30am - 3:30pm Eastern

June 14 & 16 2019 . 5 open spots

  • June 14th: 9:30am - 4:30pm Eastern

  • June 15th: a day to digest, decompress, tend to your needs and integrate

  • June 16th: 9:30am - 3:30pm Eastern



These sessions are perfect for those of you who work best in a cocooned, focused environment. All live Brand Resonance sessions take place in beautiful Miami, Florida.

We will meet in real life in the vibrant spaces in Miami that are conducive to creative ideation, soulful exploration.


May 10 & 12 2019 . 5 open spots

  • May 10th: 9:30am - 4:30pm Eastern

  • May 11th: a day to explore Miami, digest, decompress, tend to your needs and integrate

  • May 12th: 9:30am - 3:30pm Eastern

…do none of these dates work for you? dates for July 2019 and onward will be announced in March…

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