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A simple, organic process to gain clarity on your creative brand strategy.

3 months of support through


The Flow (how it all works):

Deep Dive brand strategy are co-creative brainstorming, planning and ideating for your brand, with on-going support as you implement changes that resonate with your vision for your business, organization or personal brand.

Because although we are all connected and intertwined, no one is exactly a cookie cutter version of another person. And that combination of what’s similar and what’s different between us all is what I live for.

The whole process takes about 4-6 weeks, depending on the number of sessions we end up having.


Before even meeting, I’ll send over a worksheet for you to fill out. It’s a no-pressure way of getting those creative brain waves flowing. To get your spirit in the right space. To bring your organization or business to the front of that beautiful cerebellum you have.

Session One

(WEEK 1)

We’ll meet for 2-3 hours during our first session. Virtual if you’re not in South Florida, with the option to meet in real life if you are nearby (or want to fly into Miami, that’s fine too).

During this time, we will…

  • do a meditation to connect you with the soul of your organization

  • get clear on your values and how they can be integrated as the foundational brand pillars for your business or organization

  • understand the nuances of what differentiates you from your competitors through these value-based pillars

This. Is. A. Game. Changer. And where the magic truly happens.

Session Two

(WEEK 1)

We’ll meet a second time for 2 hours to brainstorm and concept the execution of your brand strategy.

During this time, we will develop strategic, personalized plans around topics such as:

  • getting clear on your target market and how to reach them

  • develop a positioning statement

  • integrating your brand pillars into your look & feel and messaging

  • developing your brand story, how to hire creative freelancers that align with your brand

  • develop packaging ideas

  • website design and flow audit

  • authentic social media strategy that you can actually implement

  • your brand story and personality, and more.

Sessions Three-Four

(WEEKS 2-3)

From that first mega-session, I’ll head into my design cave and begin writing up and expanding on our session.

For each brand strategy session, I make a brand strategy guide document that is loaded with information, strategy, clarity and steps to take for your brand.

If you are an audio-visual learner:
We meet for a third session of 15-30 mins so I can present the document to you.

If you are a reader learner:
I send the document over to you via email so you can sit with it and digest the information being presented.

Once you’ve had a chance to take in the strategy document and really take in the information, we’ll discuss if there are any questions and/or changes. This will typically take another 1 or 2 sessions of about 30 mins each. This will be the third/fourth session.

Session Five-Six

(WEEKS 3-4)

Once we have the foundations of your brand strategy, look, feel and voice aligned with the core of your organization, we will meet to develop a plan of execution.

This typically looks like…

  • understanding the creative needs and next steps for your organization

  • defining the players of a creative freelance team to make your vision come to life

  • recommendations from me if I have someone in my network of creatives that suit your needs

This will come as a separate document to your brand guidelines document.

If you are an audio-visual learner:
We meet for a fifth session of 15-20 mins so I can present the document to you.

If you are a reader learner:
I send the document over to you via email so you can sit with it and digest the information being presented. This will be fourth/fifth/sixth session depending on the needs of the organization.

Final Documents

When we are complete with our sessions, your document will range from 30-40 pages of branding, creative and marketing strategy for your organization or business.

You’ll also have a one-page version of the document, which is a client favorite!

I often get emails from past brand strategy session people saying that they keep a print out at their desk at all times and send it out to anyone that works with them.


What’s been said about brand strategy sessions:

I built my brand from the ground up, and having worked in media and brand development felt like there wasn’t much more a “session” could give me that I didn’t already know. I was dead wrong.

I think the biggest impact for me was that I failed to realize:
A. How much of this stuff I was clear on and was floating around in my head.
B. That the game I’m playing with my business and in the world is far bigger than my immediate offerings.

This is a program that can work for you no matter where you are in your business. If you’re new, you need it. If you’ve been at it for a while, you need it. If you just need to remember your “Why”, this will do it.
— Hassan Sayyed, Haus Urban
With our brand strategy session, I got clear on my business direction and target market. My values in how they are so much part of my business as well as uncompromising.
— Domenica Lewis, stylist and product-maker at I Dig Your Hair
My brand strategy session with Nadia felt like a super creative coffee date with a best girlfriend - one with super valuable insight and input! I love that Nadia ‘gets’ my business, my messaging and my clients. It felt like we were partners in the creative process and that’s exactly what I was looking for.
— Rachel Anzalone, marketing coach
The strategy sessions with Nadia end up being a lot more than you expect. I was looking for a direction for my business and it turned into finding direction for myself as an individual. Once we nailed that down, structuring the business came naturally. She has this magic ability to make sense of all the mumble jumble I spilled out.
— Candice Jackson, Boston-based photographer