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What if creative business growth felt like an act of service and an act of true self expression every day?


Conscious Creative Circle

A Collaborative Growth Program
for creatives business owners, healers, innovators and changemakers


Take a deep breath.

And take note what thoughts and feelings are moving through you right this moment.

“I’ve got all these ideas floating around in my head and I don’t know how to make sense of them.”

“I’m creative / a healer / an artist / spiritual / a writer / [insert creative vision here]… and I know I have to get myself out there, but marketing just feels so… gross. Like I’m a fake.”

“I know I’m unique and have something to offer… I just don’t know how to talk about it.”

"I really don’t like marketing. It only supports oppressive systems like capitalism and patriarchy."

“Every time I think of something, it feels like 50 other people are already talking about it… and they’re doing it better than I ever could.”

When these thought patterns and ideas bubble up from deep within, we can get... stuck.


That is why we need one another.

So that when our inner selves run amok - with no integration, no support and no understanding - we can hold space for ourselves with the support of others and move through that resistance and fear.

I’m not saying that it will go away or that we will “cure” you of your fear… only that when we support one another in community, honor our shadows and our light, and listen to all the unique experiences and wisdom of being in a circle with one another, then we can keep creating despite feeling fear.

This is a different way of approaching business.

One that takes into the account the whole human being.

One that has room for transformation, transition and complexity of what it means to be a living, breathing creative person.

One that invites you to be real. To connect. And to build… together.


What is the Conscious Creative Circle?

The Conscious Creative Circle is a 5-month interactive group learning, doing and support program that helps heart-driven, visionary people integrate the whole of themselves into their offerings and business.

If you’re in a space of wondering if you’ll really have to do it all alone, Conscious Creative Circle will inspire, support, challenge, grow and guide you to seeing through on a project, an idea or growth in your creative business.

It’s a program process created with integration, creativity and community at its heart in order to draw you into your vision for business and life.

Community ⟡ Strategy ⟡ Guidance

These are the keys for moving forward in our conscious, creative businesses and lives.

And this is what we create together in this intimate group environment.


The Conscious Creative Circle is being hosted by me - Nadia Payan. 

I'm an artist and designer devoted to education, purpose and beauty in the day-to-day.

I teach and create branding and creative strategy for creatives, healers, innovators and visionaries. People come to me with diverse needs, but all are looking for conscious brand strategy, design expertise, and integrating the complexity of who they are in a clear and meaning way. Transforming complex ideas into meaningful stories and compelling visuals is what makes my heart beat. I live for being unapologetically human.

To me, education is empowerment. I believe children are the future.

Some quick stats:

  • I've had 6 years of formal training in advertising, strategy and design

  • I've accumulated over 10 years of experience in advertising and marketing strategy, campaigns and design working with big box brands for big box advertising agencies (woah, that's a while!)

  • Since starting my own branding and design company in 2015, I've worked with over 50 personal brands, entrepreneurs and businesses to create brand strategies and designs that are steeped in meaning and purpose

  • I’m a co-host of an annual retreat for creative women called Magic Jungle

  • ENFP in Myers Briggs
    Scorpio Sun / Cancer Rising / Leo Moon in Astrology
    An 8/2 Enneagram
    Manifesting Generator 5/1 in Human Design

  • I am completing my Montessori teacher training in 2020 for the 3-6 year range… and you’ll be amazed how much of it gets integrated into how I teach adults

  • I am currently studying Relating and Leadership with Andréa Ranae Johnson

  • I’ve been deeply interested and constantly learning about the intersection of inner growth, spirituality and creativity for about a decade


The Experience

Our time together includes a mix of one-to-one calls with Nadia, group learn-and-discuss calls, co-working calls, and an intimate, inspiring & supportive circle of creative beings.


For 5 months, you’ll belong to a small group of 8 powerful creatives who are committed to your mutual success and also share your values of creative expression, thought leadership, love and service. As much as you’ll be giving, you’ll also receive support needed to overcome resistance and your stuck places to keep moving in a way that honors all parts of you.


From your brand experience to collaborative partnerships to your content marketing, you’ll create a plan to complete your project(s), grow a community that engages with you (and with one another), and so much more. We will discuss ways to align your vision with practices that consider the painful systems our businesses live in such as capitalism, conditioning of our identities, etc.


Imagine having eight new collaborators to vision with, grow with and brainstorm with. You’ll share ideas, exchange business strategies and experiences, laugh, inspire and motivate one another!


When all parts of you are held in high regard, clarity and focus in your business and life will come to light. Integrating who you are from deep within along with your creative vision and business in an intentional way will drastically reduce those feelings of overwhelm, self-doubt and burnout. To freedom and self-trust!


What’s Included


Deepen your practices to understand your inner self while cultivating your outer practices such as branding, marketing and creative business. Twice each month, we will meet on a video conference call with a focus on learning and discussing our Inner Practices and Outer Practices.


Get the support you need, when you need it. Once per month, we will meet individually to ideate, strategize, plan, create, etc. so that each member of the Circle can be sure to make forward movement in their vision.


One 90-minute group per month call facilitated by Nadia so you can take action on the most important projects in your business and life (depending on your area of focus in the moment). The group energy is contagious and motivating. You’ll receive customized feedback and make progress on what you’re working on within your conscious creative business, instead of just being IN it.


A combination of online and printable worksheets to create a suggested workspace for the placement of ideas, firming up strategies and pragmatic steps to your Inner and Outer Practices and putting yourself out there. You will have a notebook with initial worksheets and maps delivered to your doorstep.


A group chat environment for continual connection, support, sharing resources, reflections, and asking for feedback on anything from sales pages to client issues. Think of this as a powerful way to hone in on the group’s massive creative energy, experiences and more.


I am inviting two guest mentors to share their expertise with us. They will lead an interactive, online video session, with plenty of time for Q&A — all recorded, of course.


AYCEE BROWN: Will join us in sharing her knowledge about Human Design and how it overlaps with our internal ways of being along with ways of showing up in our marketing messaging. Aycee is pragmatic with her approach and ties in all her gifts when explaining Human Design.


DARI LUNA: Will be sharing her process for intuitive planning as a creative business owner. Dari is a mindfulness coach and illustrator whose work blends personal development with art. She is also one of the most organized creatives I have ever encountered!

EARLY ENROLLMENT BONUS: If you sign up by June 30, you’ll receive an additional private 2-hour Deep Dive session with Nadia. During our time together, we’ll work to get clear on your message, offerings, or explore clarity around your desired path forward. This can be utilized at any time prior to our start date or during the program itself.


The Framework

Throughout the entire process, we will be cultivating all parts of our vision at once. Because we are non-linear and complex beings… and I believe in making room for that. I promise it won’t be overwhelming, the process will build on itself and we will have fun even when we inevitably meet resistance. Using worksheets and interactive calls, we’ll develop our Inner Practices and our Outer Practices that support us in integrating our full selves into our vision, business and life.


Our inner practice is any and all activities, ideas and truths we believe from within our own selves.

Some starting points to understand your own Inner Practices would include seeing what types of practices you have (or want to cultivate) in areas such as:

  • Emotional self: being in right communication with our emotions, learning to listen to our inner being, our gut instincts, etc.

  • Physical self: nurturing our bodies through movement, food, etc.

  • Mental self: meditation, mindset, suspending our judgements of ourselves, etc

  • Spiritual self: connecting with our guides, higher powers, astrology, human design, etc.

  • Community self: how we interact with those around us, social justice, inclusion, etc.



Our outer practice is any and all activities we conduct to put our creative work, ideas and businesses out into the world to interact with others.

Some starting points to understand your own Outer Practices would include:

  • Storytelling & Messaging: how you tell the story of your creative brand, what you choose to share (or not share), etc.

  • Look & Feel: how you present your conscious, creative business through the images, graphics and colors you use, etc.

  • The Experiences Within Your Business: how different people in your community interact with your creative business. This could include how you share content on social media, newsletters, events, speaking, etc. It can also include the experiences someone has when they work with you on a project, etc.

  • Revenue Streams & Pricing: how you make money, etc.


This is a style of education totally inspired by my Montessori training.

I’m not interested in creating a classroom experience where we sit and listen to Teacher for an hour and then ask questions.

On each of our Inner and Outer Practice calls, I will have ideas, resources and examples to present to the people in the Circle. As I share the material with you, we will all share our thoughts, experiences, ask questions, get clarity, see how to apply these concepts to our creative projects and lives, etc.


I see my role primarily as someone to facilitate the learning, discussing and applying process, as well as to support the Conscious Creative Circle individuals as much as I am able.


Who is this for?

The Conscious Creative Circle is my answer to the desire I have felt for connecting deeply within myself and with others who are endeavoring in cultivating a true-to-them creative life and business.

I am creating this program and I am in it alongside you.

Because I’m a no to hierarchy and a yes to being in circle. I’m deeply committed to you and will facilitate sessions and share what I have learned over the years of being in marketing and advertising, but I am not interested in being “in charge”, or “right”.

That is for you to discern and develop for yourself. For you to share and embody and try on within the space of the group. For us to encourage you on your process and journey as you transform.

This program is open to all that identify deeply with any/all of the descriptions below:

Curious Creative Beings

Those of us who approach life as a source of infinite inspiration. We are always questioning, not from a place of judgement (or at least we try not to be) but from a place of wanting to piece together our own thoughts and ideas and outlooks for ourselves.

Conscious People in Business

Professionals of all types — business owners, those rising the ranks in the corporate world, professionals — who are exploring ways of integrating themselves, their communities and their work. And all those moves we’re making? We start with ourselves, but we know we have a deep and real desire to herald in bigger shifts in the world.

Healers, Activists and Facilitators

Spiritual workers, healers, activists, social justice facilitators, therapists, doulas and so many more that are working on one (or many) aspects of healing this beautiful planet we live on. Our work makes space for others to thrive, for oppression to slowly move out and so much more.


Fine artists, photographers, painters, dancers, musicians, writers and so many more. We are the ones tasked with expression from within for the collective. Capturing that process to inspire and feed our souls and the souls of others in our communities. We are the reminders of beauty and questions on this planet.

Most of all, this is for those of us who are willing to relate.

First to ourselves.
Then to others.
With love and respect for all involved.


Some kind words from beautiful people.

Although this is the first time I run the Conscious Creative Circle, I have been working with purpose-driven people since 2015. Here are some of their experiences with working with me on their creative businesses and brands:

Nadia is really good at working with people on how their inner self can be expressed outwardly.
— Margarita Calderon, creative business owner & founder of The Magic Jungle
I attended a [branding] workshop with Nadia some months after launching my first business, a law firm. Her innovative technique to refining my brand was a game changer. I left more focused and confident in my firm’s future. With the tools she gave me, I further calibrated my business model over the next year until I realized it was time to start rebranding. Nadia immediately understood the image my firm needed, and executed on first-rate work product overnight. Any entrepreneur — left brained or right — would be lucky to have her in his corner.
— Jeremy Roth, former branding workshop attendee
Nadia is a gifted designer in that she knows how to move between the soul’s calling of a person and the expression of it and how it will be received into the world with such ease. Every time we’ve worked together, albeit as client on a project or as participant in one of her workshops, she’s been able to connect deeply and stand beside me as we co-birthed a part of myself into the world. She’s also so freaking awesome at foreseeing where you’re heading and designing in a way that grows with you along the journey. I love her, her creative spirit and look forward to all the ways we’ll get to collaborate in the future. Thanks friend!
— Ash Johns, spiritual coach and conscious brand strategist
The strategy sessions with Nadia end up being a lot more than you expect. I was looking for a direction for my business and it turned into finding direction for myself as an individual. Once we nailed that down, structuring the business came naturally. She has this magic ability to make sense of all the mumble jumble I spilled out.
— Candice Jackson, former brand strategy client
Creating with Nadia was magical. Watching my vision take form with her guidance was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. “I’m an artist so I’m sensitive about my shit” haha. With Nadia, I felt safe sharing my dreams and ideas. Each time we met I felt heard and understood. When she didn’t understand, she was honest. She done her work and came back completely on my map or with questions to get her there. She respected the way I processed and my commitment to my family. We worked in the flow. We listened to the spirit of my work collectively. We created something I am so proud to show the world. She helped me shape my baby and held my hand as I pushed. I am forever grateful. If you’re going to trust somebody with “you and your baby” trust Nadia A.K.A the Marketing Doula
— Vella Ellerbe, design and brand strategy client
Nadia made the branding process go smooth. It was fun and interactive. It’s like a collaboration, with Nadia guiding us through the process.
— Natalia Pazos, former brand strategy and design client
Working with Nadia is great for a business owner that is ready to uplevel their image with graphic design that is in alignment with the authentic expression of themselves and their company.
— Wendy Watkins, former design client



Investment & Pricing

There are so many ways to make this happen for us. Because money is relative. And access to money differs from person to person.

I’ve suggested three options below, but if you need a different format please let me know in your application so we can talk about creating a plan that works for us both.



$2,400 paid in full


$400 Deposit + One Payment of $2,000
due August 1st


$400 Deposit +
5 payments of $400 per month on the first
of the month from August - December 2019


I would absolutely love to have you join us and create this experience together!
We begin August 2019.


Also, if you’d like to send money towards a scholarship spot, please reach out to me at
I would love to offer a scholarship spot for a Conscious Creative human that also holds the identities of Person of Color and/or Trans, Queer, Non-Binary person in need of financial support.


Got questions?

I’m happy to provide answers.

Just click on the question you want to know more about in the list below:

+ Why do I have to apply?

My intention is to curate the group for compatibility. The applications will help me do just that. I'll look at each one personally and then contact you to schedule a video interview shortly after you submit your application.

+ When does Conscious Creative Circle start?

We begin on Tuesday, August 6, 2019

+ I've done some online courses and read a bunch of books... how is this any different?

This. Is. So. Different. The Conscious Creative Circle folds in community, support and accountability. So that you're not learning and testing and growing in a vacuum (although that phase can also be very valuable).

If you are feeling like it's time to create alongside others, this is the main difference between online courses and a live group you journey with over the course of 5 months.

Part of the value of being in community is that you’ll learn more about yourself and your business than you ever thought possible by listening in on others’ challenges and successes. They will also reflect back to you things you may not see on your own straightaway... and we'll support you through the process of moving through and accepting whatever those things may be.

+ Will I get one-to-one time with Nadia?

Yes, each person in the Conscous Creative Circle will have one session that is one-to-one per month. That's 5 sessions of individual attention throughout the program!

+ Are group sessions really valauble?

Oh yes! Being in a group is a different layer of learning that is so valuable. Because each person in the Circle will be working on a different business or project, they'll likely ask questions you never knew you had. There is so much wisdom and insight to be gained through what others are curious about.

+ Will Nadia be present on the group calls and co-working sessions?

Absolutely. This is the first time I run this group and I'm committed to experiencing every layer we are creating. Otherwise, how will we learn, create and grow together?

+ Will you be aware of what I'm working on and able to give specific feedback?

Yep, each person will fill out an onboarding document when you enroll so I can get acquainted with your project, business and life.

+ What if I can't make one of the sessions live?

Life happens. When we are together meeting over repeatedly over the course of 5 months, it's just fact that sometimes... stuff comes up.

All the learning calls will be recorded and saved so you can access them and listen in to the discussion and shares.

The Espacio sesssions - which are our co-working sessions - will NOT be recorded.

Our one-to-one calls will NOT be recorded, unlessyou desire to do so. This creates different layers and types of containers where we can talk openly.

+ How do I know that this is TRULY for me?

Ah, I cannot answer that question for you. Do what you need to do in order to understand where you are at in your own process.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to understand where you're at more deeply at this moment:

  1. Is it time for creating and growing with accountability from a group? Do you believe you can thrive in your endeavors right now with a small group of creative people who have your back and support you in your growing process?
  2. Do you have something you'd like to launch, complete, gain clarity that is measureable in your life and business and you just KNOW you'd like to complete before 2019 is complete?
  3. Do you trust your intuition, your inner being to guide you? If so, consult yourself. And trust yourself... no matter if the answer is "yes" or "not quite yet"

I hope these questions help you in whatever next steps you choose.


If you are still here reading this, then perhaps the yearning for being in a facilitated group to learn, create and grow is strong right now. And I invite you to trust that.

Because together, we build systems of support. We weave and create and build.

If you have additional questions that are not answered here, you can send me an email at, and we can hop on a quick call together.