Because the Truth sets us Free.

Free to create something meaningful.

And for that creation to allow us to thrive in the harsh systems we live in right now.



This is why I believe in giving.

Giving creates space to receive.

Money is energy, and I'd like our exchange to make the next generation more empathic and liberated than the last.



The truth is we’re all in this together.


This creative business has a few major outlets to do my part in creating an energy rich environment for us all.


4% of revenue generated by all my products and services will be split between two non-profit organizations doing incredible work that is intertwined with my soul: 

Nyah Project and Project Soar Morocco.


Nyah Project

Fellowships for diverse youth from underserved communities to experience worlds beyond them and discover their true purpose.


Project Soar Morocco

Empowering teenage girls in Morocco to become leaders of today and tomorrow.



Monthly contributions also go to Toi Smith’s Game Changer’s Fund.


Game Changer’s Fund

A new way to support Black women entrepreneurs.