Branding & Creative Direction


Katherine Coder is a transpersonal psychologist, teacher and guide providing counseling to people from all walks of life.

Kat's work is deep and soulful. She conducts individual counseling and also brings groups through transformational processes together.

As creative director, I assembled a team to do an explanatory video of her work along with developing a logo for her personal brand. 

"I was fortunate enough to meet Nadia Payan as part of my community building efforts in South Florida. I felt an instant connection with her, and I knew that when I needed to move forward with video to introduce my private practice, Nadia would be the first person I would call. In our work, as creative director, Nadia put together a top-tier team of professionals to realize my vision for the marketing piece, and she worked with me closely to assure that my artistry and abilities would “shine” clearly in our final product. 
Knowing that Nadia believed in me and my work so much and also knowing that Nadia herself possesses powerful intuitive abilities, I was able to trust her. When working with my logo, she was highly receptive to my feedback, making the changes I requested with ease and grace. She was honest with me every step of the way! 
I cannot recommend Nadia Payan highly enough! She brings vivacity, fun, intuition to her work and executes and completes projects with professional integrity — a powerful combination!!!"  - Katherine Coder


Calligrapher: Mauro Andres 
Illustration: Me

Video/Photo: Mary Beth Koeth
Video Editor: Wallace Cruz