How we move through business and life.

Good Axe is a boutique branding studio doing things a bit differently.

Here are our guiding principles:


— 1
Freedom above all

Although our founder is based out of Miami, Good Axe is a distributed business. We believe that everyone can live the life they love, while making a living doing things they love to do. With this in our spirit, we work hard and Skype hard. 

Every so often, we do get together in one place (and get photoshoots done for our site). Ha!

— 2
Doing good, for the greater good

At times, marketing and business communications are seen as an evil to be vanquished. And it's true that plenty of companies and organizations use human psychology and design to support causes and initiatives that do not help.

We believe in using the same skills to support and amplify visionaries and businesses that are making a positive impact. Advertising and marketing for good.



— 3
depth over breadth 

These days, connections between people are staying at the superficial. We love to get into the nitty gritty with you, truly taking the time, research and effort to understand your vision for your business.

When we all work together with open communication channels, magic happens.