Branding & Website Design


Gabriela Guzman is a social media strategist whose company, The Jupiter Circle, is committed to heart, awesomeness, authenticity and results. 

First, Gaby hired me to help guide her through brainstorming and the creative process in order to name her company. Once The Jupiter Circle was born, we continued to work together on her branding.

Gaby is a ray of sunshine with New Yorker sass, and this was imperative to shine through her in her brand identity. I took her professionalism and mixed in her bright and bold personality in order to create The Jupiter Circle brandng.

We worked together on every aspect of her brand including: the brand identity design and color palette, my creative direction for the photoshoot, and The Jupiter Circle website design.


"Nadia worked with me on all aspects of defining the branding for my agency, The Jupiter Circle. From the name, to the creative direction in the photography, to the logo – I feel strongly that she captured my values and my essence perfectly. 

It gave me the confidence to put myself out there with a brand that truly represents me and what I have to offer. 

Six months into my launch, I know that my branding has been essential in bringing in the right clients and unexpected opportunities for my business.”

- Gaby Guzman, The Jupiter Circle


After our initial branding vision jam session, I researched and created a moodboard for Gaby that set the tone and palette for the brand.

This is a foundational layer of brand creation and she felt like it reflected that just right combination of professional and personal.


Business cards for The Jupiter Circle were a must for Gaby.

We kept it clean, modern and professional while using her color palette to have a feminine edge to her design.


Photography: Mary Beth Koeth