Join me in a space of deep intention, powerful creativity and manifestation for your business and life under the new moon.

Two Sessions. One focus. Pick the one that works for you.


Friday, December 7, 2018.  
6:00-9:30pm at
Private residence in Brickell area, Miami


Saturday, January 5, 2019.
5-8:30pm at
Location TBD
(but most likely Space Called Tribe)


Hey there, I'm Nadia.

I'm an artist and designer devoted to education, purpose and beauty in the day-to-day.

Vision boards are an active visualization exercise. When done right, they fully engage all parts of you — your mind, your intellect and your spirit.

Because of this trifecta, I believe vision boards are powerful tools for your business and life.

On Friday December 7th and Saturday January 5th, I'm hosting two very special events for us to vision board for life and/or business.



Nadia’s process was intimate, direct, and elevated the simple act of vision boarding to a small ritual. Can’t wait for the next one!

— Josie Castaneda,
Creator of Curandera Remedies



15 people.
2 sessions.
A year of clarity.

If you're being called...

... to create a business, make a documentary, double your rates, make your first hire, share your story, help others, get a grant, make your first thousand, make your first million, impact more people, start a new clothing line, just start a side project...

Then you probably have a sense of purpose. Deeeeeep purpose. The kind of purpose that you can't shake off and keeps you up into the wee hours dreaming.

Answer the call.

Take action towards your vision by ending the cycle of consumption and beginning a cycle of creation.

One of my juiciest ways to inspire the habit of creation is to visualize using vision boards. 

Vision boards have gained a lot of popularity recently. Lots of times they end up looking... the same:

⧫ big house
⧫ fancy car
⧫ hot significant other
⧫ piles and piles of hundred dollar bills randomly spilling out of cabinets

This doesn't work.

Vision boards are an active visualization exercise. When done right, they fully engage all parts of you — your mind, your intellect and your spirit.

Because of this trifecta, I believe vision boards are powerful tools for your business.

With the right guidance, vision boarding can get you clear on projects you want to see come to life, what products/services you may want to launch, how much you want to make, how many clients you want to take on, and how you want to feel while doing all of the above. It's mind and heart working together in the most efficient way possible — through visuals.

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I loved that it was a small intimate group and we didn’t feel pressured or rushed. It was also great to connect with other like-minded people and hear their stories.

— Nicky Dawkins, doula and blogger



Join Nadia for deep business intention-setting and vision boarding.

An intimate group of people are coming together to co-create a powerful tool for business and life clarity.

Nadia will guide the group in setting intention, getting clear on the goals, calling in sacred space and then creating our vision boards from that space.

You will be sent an email after you purchase your spot that will let you know how to prepare for our vision boarding time. You will be provided supplies such as magazines, canvas, scissors, glue, tea, wine and snacks to dine on as you unearth your business's desires for next year.

Types of things we will discover during our evening together:

  • Setting intentions for your life and/or business in 2019.

  • Uncovering in what areas your business and soul want to integrate.

  • Calling in your desired feelings around your life / business.

  • Letting go of your fears around your life / business.

  • Guidance on choosing images from magazines specially picked and provided by Nadia.

  • Clarity around your areas of focus in your life and/or business in 2019.

What's included in your ticket purchase:

  • An art canvas for your vision board. It's the perfect size to put it up in your home and interact with it daily.

  • Inspiring and beautiful magazines chosen for the group by Nadia (feel free to bring your own magazines if you have them, but there's no need to worry about it.

  • All supplies to create your vision board — glue, scissors, etc.

  • Exercises to really go deep into your intentions for the new year so you create your vision board from a place of inner knowing.

  • Snacks and drinks! Feel free to bring dinner if you would like to eat while boarding.

Ready for deep intention, powerful creativity and manifestation for your business + life?

Register below:



Throughout 2015,
my vision board was
a beautiful, living reminder of my intentions.

I did a vision boarding workshop with Nadia for 2015 as I was starting my business. It was so powerful to state what I wanted to let go of and invite into my life for the new year. Throughout that year that board was a beautiful, living reminder of my intentions. It kept me on track and motivated to have a successful and exciting first year in business. P.S. I'm totally signing up for it again.

— Gaby Guzman, coach