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Nadia Payan is an artist and designer devoted to education, purpose and beauty in the day-to-day.


Hey friend, I’m Nadia. 

I teach and create branding and creative strategy for creatives, healers, innovators and visionaries. People come to me with diverse needs, but all are looking for design expertise, integrating the complexity of who they are in a clear and meaning way. Transforming complex ideas into meaningful stories and compelling visuals is what makes my heart beat. I live for being unapologetically human.

To me, education is empowerment. I believe children are the future.

All kind, creative people are welcome here.

Some quick stats:

  • I've had 6 years of formal training in advertising, strategy and design

  • I've accumulated over 10 years of experience in advertising and marketing strategy, campaigns and design working with big box brands for big box advertising agencies (woah, that's a while!)

  • Since starting my own branding and design company in 2015, I've worked with over 50 personal brands, entrepreneurs and businesses to create brand strategies and designs that are steeped in meaning and purpose

  • I teach personal branding courses at the University of Florida and the Miami Ad School

  • I am completing my Montessori teacher training in 2020 for the 3-6 year range… and you’ll be amazed how much of it gets integrated into how I teach adults

  • I completed yoga teacher training, am studying Relating and Leadership with Andréa Ranae Johnson, and have been deeply interested in the intersection of personal growth, spirituality and creativity for about a decade now.